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Grafton Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Minutes of August 22, 2022, Amended

Hybrid Form



Present: Michelle Dufort, MaryBeth Culver, Lucia Corwin, Jay Maciejowski :Virtual: John Saroff , Kathleen Pajic.


Call to Order:10:05 am


Public Comment:none


Approve minutes of last meeting:Approved


Treasurerís Report:The budget is on track for the beginning of the Fiscal Year


Librarianís Report:†††† Another Walks of Wonder has been added on Sunday, September 18,2022 at 11:00: Putney Mountain Hawk Migration.Also starting up on the 4th Wednesday in October will be the Nature & Books Series, sponsored with the Nature Museum.


The GES concert will on September 13th, using funds from the libraryís summer performer grant.The entire school is invited.


All programs at or with the school will follow the up-to-date CDC Guidelines.


Green Mountain high school student Kira Bates has been working in the library for Community Service hours and a new volunteer, Ellen Goldman, will start training in August and working in September.


We received thee funds for ARPA grant 2 and Michelle will order a new laptop for staff and volunteers.


Old Business: We had a site visit from Countryside for the recommended repairs but have received no proposal.


We are waiting for bids for the emergency lighting exit sign repair, and additional light fixture in the basement. The board decided to add upgrading the circuit box to these building projects.


In order to have a heat pump, we will have to upgrade our circuit box and purchase a new furnace.Jeffers came to view the project but we have yet to receive a proposal.


We have two bids from Jason Northrup and Benjamin Adcroft for the interior painting job and need to contact the bidders about insurance and referrals. The board voted to accept the lower bid, pending submission of referral and insurance information. If insurance isnít available for the selected bidder, the board will move to use the second bidder.


New Business:MaryBeth will write a draft annual appeals letter for next month.The date to mail is before Thanksgiving.We will follow CDC Guidelines when we open the library for the Gingerbread Houses.


Next Meeting:September 26 10am


Adjournment: 10:48am