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Grafton Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes


 August 23, 2018



Attending:  Bob Donald, David Whittall, Andrea Dunmire, Lucia Corwin


Bob called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM

The minutes of May 24 were approved.  The July 26 minutes could not be approved since there wasn’t a quorum present of the Board members who had attended that meeting.


Librarian’s Report


The Board reviewed librarian Michelle Dufort’s detailed report in her absence from the meeting.

-The Board approved the proposal from Charlie Carta regarding repair of the front door area in the building.

-The Board also approved Michelle’s recommendation to accept the proposals received for replacement of the library’s oil tanks and hot water heater – expensive but necessary capital improvements.

-The antiques table on the first floor was discussed.  No interest has been expressed by an antique dealer in Bellows Falls contacted.  Lucia noted that the table is not worth much as it is slightly bowed.  Giving the table to the fall Firemen’s sale was the Board’s recommendation.

-The Board agreed with Michelle’s recommendation to do basic water tests at the Library.

-We have heard no update from the Corrections Department regarding the front desk ordered from them.  Bob agreed to contact them – AFTER the Book Sale is completed.


Book Sale


Planning for the sale was reviewed.  Lucia has agreed to work the cash desk from 9:00-10:30, Andrea from 10:30-noon.  From the sign-up sheets, it ‘appears’ that we are in reasonable shape regarding volunteers for all three days involved with the sale.  All were in complete agreement in raising prices in the book sale room as recommended by Michelle following the Sale. 


Draft FY19 Budget

Bob presented the Draft FY19 budget for Board review.  The same had been distributed with some members missing at the July meeting.  Discussion of the draft followed.  There is relatively little change from the prior years’ budget other than increased Town support.  Because monies were taken from the Bond Fund during FY18 in anticipation of the capital outlays discussed above, the published results for FY18 show a misleading surplus, and the FY19 draft budget shows a smaller misleading deficit.  The two years taken together are a more appropriate way to view the Budget and results.  The library carried over a significant cash balance from FY18 into FY19.


The Board approved the draft Budget.  It includes a salary increase for the librarian.  Bob will communicate this to the Town Administrator. 


Other Issues


The Board discussed the Gingerbread House fundraiser idea presented by Michelle.  Lucia was very positive on at least trying the idea and agreed to work with Michelle to flesh-out the idea for further discussion at the September Board meeting.  All were in general agreement that the Labor Day book sale fundraiser take up tremendous planning and volunteer recruitment, and alternative fundraiser should be examined.  Increasing prices for the ongoing book sales will help in this area.


Our next meeting is set for September 27.  Barbara Friedman form TIAA-CREF will be making her yearly visit to the library on that date.  With that in mind, it was decided to start the meeting at 6:30 PM instead of the usual 7:00 PM.


The meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Robert Donald, Chairman