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Grafton Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Monday, February 27, 2023

Hybrid Format

Call to order:10:00 am


Public Comment:none


Treasurerís Report:We have 40K in checking. Kathleen suggested we make a transfer from TIAA, as we have not made any transfers as yet this FY. We have met our goal for the capital campaign and exceeded our goal for the annual appeal drive by 5K.


Librarianís Report:All annual appeal donations and capital campaign donations are processed and deposited.

All acknowledgements are up to date.Story Hour has resumed.Nature Book Group is going strong.Michelle suggested that we have another Open House in June.The painting project is done.Efficiency Vermont has completed the energy audit.


Old Business:Insurance recommended repairs to the monitored fire/smoke detection alarm system, as well as the emergency lighting and exit signs.Additional light fixture in the basement is also recommended.


New Business:Jake Robichaud from Efficiency Vermont joined the meeting by phone to answer any questions

and review his recommendations.He has suggested an aggressive plan for efficiency.When the insulation

is complete, we should see a 35-50% return, cutting our oil bill by 35%.Heat pumps would be more costly

than oil without the proper insulation, Jake explained. Once the insulation work is completed, Jake will submit the paperwork for an available incentive. Michelle suggested that it would be a good time to clear out some of the debris in the walk-in attic, before insulation work commences. †††Work teams would need to be organized to do this.Two insulation contractors have responded and we have appointments on March 7 and March 14.


The librarianís performance review will be done in March or April before the budget is set.


Next meeting:March 27, 2023 at 10:00 am


Adjournment:11:06 am