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Grafton Public Library Board of Trustees Virtual Meeting

Minutes of 1/28/21


Present:Michelle Dufort, MaryBeth Culver, Jay Maciejowski, Lucia Corwin, Susan Allen, David Whittall



Call to order:6:06 pm


Public Comment:none


Approve minutes of last meeting:Tabled


Treasurerís Report:To date we have received $14,731 from the 2020 Annual Appeal, up significantly from the budgeted $9,650.This is the best appeal the Library has had in recent years. We are in a very good situation from the Stock Market.We have received the Bodmanís annual donation of $500 for the purchase of Vermontís award books.They also gave $1,000 for building needs which is reflected in the net annual appeal income and will be applied to the cost of the rug.



Librarianís Report:†† Sixteen people are registered for the first session of the Winter Nature and Books Discussion Group on 1/27/21.They will also meet in February and March.


The Spanish class on Zoom continues with great success.


Eighty plus people attended the Holiday Storytelling with Bill Toomey on Zoom in December.Bill will do another storytelling event for us on February 19th at 7:00 to 8:30. Tavern Tales will be the topic.


Michelle believes that we can continue with our current level of Covid operation.She is running the air purifier.


Ken from Computers by Ken has installed a new keyboard on the library computer.She recommended going ahead with the new purchase of the circulation desk computer but holding off on replacing the repaired library computer for now.



Old Business:†† We are scheduled for carpet replacement some time in April.Michelle will make sure that they have a certificate of insurance.Ivor Stevens continues to do a great job at snow removal.The Windham Foundation will continue to plow for the library.





New Business:†† Mary Beth and Sue have submitted paperwork to run for our trustee positions.


The Sugar Maple by the walkway looks to be in need of either removal, or support.Given the importance of the tree and its association with the library, Jay will contact arborists for their opinion.


Show and Tell:†† Davidís cat, Louie and Michelleís dog, George.


Adjournment:†† 6:38 pm