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Grafton Public Library Board of Trustees Virtual Meeting

Minutes of March 25, 2021

Present: Michelle Dufort, MaryBeth Culver, Jay Macejowski, Lucia Corwin, David Whitall

Call to Order:  6:05 pm

Public Comment:  none

Approve minutes of last meeting:  approved

Treasurer’s Report:  We continue to do very well because of the Stock Market. There are no problems with any part of our budget.  Susan has not made any transfers from the TIAA-CREF fund to date but has put in a request to do so soon.  Our book sale revenue has passed the amount budgeted. Michelle cannot accept any more donations at this time

Librarian’s Report:    Interlibrary use continues to be up, mostly among newer residents.  The Nature and Books Discussion Group will continue into April and May, followed by a summer break.  Michelle plans to continue the Lunch Box Book Group this summer, either outside or inside as Covid conditions dictate.

Michelle will be working with the Grafton Elementary School in conjunction with their summer school program.

Pat Mack, David Ross and Ginger Maciejowski are volunteering on a regular basis or as needed.

 There is a display for Women’s History month and Michelle has placed two large orders for juvenile literature as well as adult titles.

 Old Business:  The Board voted to approve the reorganization of the officers: Chair, MaryBeth Culver; Secretary, Lucia Corwin; Treasurer, Susan Allen.

 Buildings and Grounds – Michelle has sent a down payment to Carpet Warehouse for the installation of the carpet.  The library will be closed on April 22nd through April 24th while the building airs. 

 Ivor Stevens has offered to remove the tree stump left by the removal of the crab apple.  Once done, he will be sent a thank you note. 

Johnson Control inspected the fire extinguishers on Monday, March 22nd and replaced two.

We have received three bids to take care of trimming and cabling the maple.  It was decided to accept All About Trees’ bid of $600.00.  Jay felt he was very knowledgeable and competent and looks forward to working with him.

New Business:  Jay will contact Kim and Eddie Mack to see if they have a particular tree in mind to plant near the location of the old tree. If not, Lucia will offer some suggestions.  Jay will also check on the timing of the planting.

 Next meeting: April 22, 6pm virtual (carpet installation in progress at library)

 Adjournment:  6:51 pm