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Grafton Public Library Board

Minutes – 5/23/19

Present: Patrick Spurlock, Lucia Corwin, Deborah Toomey, David Whittall, Mary Beth Culver


Meeting called to order at 5:05pm


Public Comments: None


Minutes of 4/25/19 approved


Treasurer’s Report:

The library is due to make a transfer from the funds.  It will be the “standard” quarterly amount.  ~$7000 from the Steven’s fund and ~14000 from the TIAA fund.  Patrick will coordinate getting the transfers done with Michelle upon her return.


New Business:

Volunteer Brunch:  Scheduled for June 23rd at 11:30

We reviewed the “Manual” from Michelle and assigned tasks.

·         Compile list of volunteers – Michelle

·         Send out invitations – Michelle

·         Supplies: Plan for 18- 30 people attending

o   Flowers & vases – Lucia

o   Sugar bowl, creamer, coffee cups, saucers, plates, spoons & forks – Lucia will get them from the chapel

o   Napkins – Deborah and David

o   Table Cloths – Deborah & Michelle?

o   Plastic wrap and/or baggies – Deborah, Mary Beth suggested that baggies may be easier to use for the leftovers.

o   Punch Bowl & glasses – the library has these

o   Tables & chairs – the library has these

·         Food

o   Punch/Lemonade – Mary Beth

o   Coffee/sugar/creamer – Patrick

o   Quiche – Deborah (and tarts too!)

o   Scones/coffee cakes – Lucia coffee cake & brownies, David scones

·         Set-up – ˝ hour before event – “All hands on deck” - Patrick, Lucia, Deborah, David, Mary Beth

o   Move bookshelves in non-fiction area

o   Card table, big tables, and chairs moved downstairs

o   Tables set & decorated

o   Food & beverages set out

·         Clean-up – Again, all hands on deck…

o   Return tables & chairs to upstairs

o   Wash & return dishware to the chapel

o   Return bookshelves to normal location

o   Package any leftovers

o   Wash and store punch bowl & cups



Meeting adjourned at 5:30pm


Next Meeting: Fourth Thursday of the month – Thursday, June 27th at 6:30


Respectfully submitted:


Mary Beth Culver