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Grafton Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes


October 25, 2018


Attending:Bob Donald, Andrea Dunmire, Lucia Corwin, librarian Michelle Dufort.


Bob called the meeting to order at 7:09 PM

The minutes of the September 27 meeting were approved.


Michelle reviewed her Librarianís Report, including programs, and her update of the volunteer manual.


Bob reviewed the libraryís P&L through for the July 1 Ė October 16 period.Because of the large opening cash balance and a successful book sale, NO funds have needed to be withdrawn from the Endowment to date this fiscal year.This situation will probably not last much longer with some significant capital outlays coming (see below).The library is slightly below pro-rata budget so far this fiscal year.


Other Issues


-The Board voted to approve the purchase of a standard-size Mobile Pedestal storage unit, as proposed by VCI and discussed by the Board.

-The Board authorized contracting with Charlie Carta to install two shelves on the wall on the left of the receptionistís desk and cover the previous small-shelf space.

-The Board reauthorized the purchase of a new oil tank, and a new electric water heater, both of which had been approved at previous meetings but not yet acted upon.


The Board reviewed a draft of an Annual Appeal letter that Andrea had previously circulated.Various comments were made and agreed to.Andrea will incorporate the changes to the draft letter and email all Board members with the final draft.Board members should reply with their approval directly to Andrea.


As the date of the next scheduled Board meeting falls on Thanksgiving Day, it was decided to cancel that meeting.The need for and date of December meeting, the normal date of which would fall during the year-end holidays, will be determined by the Chairman as that date approaches.


The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Robert Donald, Chairman