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Grafton Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting

                                                Monday, September 26, 2022 10:00am

                                                             Hybrid Format


Present in person – Michelle Dufort, Lucia Corwin, Jay Maciejowski,  

Virtual – Mary Beth Culver, John Saroff, Kathleen Pajic



1.       Call to order at 10:05 am


2.       Public Comment:  None


3.      Minutes of last meeting:  approved with addition of the names of companies who have submitted bids


4.      Treasurer’s Report: We have already received some donations.  Book sale continues to do well.  All library financial reports and reconciliations are up to date.


5.      Librarian’s Report:  After meetings with Vanessa Stern and Lizzie Hickin from the school, Michelle is planning for two classes combined to meet at the library once a week. 


           All Adult Programming is continuing as scheduled and enjoyed by all.


Halloween at the Library will take place on Monday, October 31st at 5-7 pm after the PTG dinner for trick or treating in Grafton.


            Best Septic is coming to pump the septic tank on October 19.  


6.       Old Business:  We are still waiting for bids for a monitored Fire/Smoke detection system.


Gus Plummer and Rob Hallock will be called for bids on placing emergency lights, exit sign repair, and additional light fixture in the basement.  The circuit breaker will need to be upgraded to 200.


We have received two bids for a heat pump system.  Thank you’s will be sent to the contractors.  We will have to have a special fund raiser to finance the heat pumps.


We are waiting to get a schedule for the interior painting and will have it done in one period of time.


7.       New Business:  The Annual Appeal letter is approved pending the rewording of one sentence.  We are looking at early November for the sending of the letter.


At the moment, masks will continue to be an individual choice.  Should Covid increase in our community, the Board will revisit the policy.


Our web site needs attention and Michelle will research that.


8.       Next Meeting:  October24, 10am


9.      Adjournment at 11:10am