The Grafton Public Library presents…

Nikos Dimitriadis & Scott Davidson

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Join us for a free concert of Rebitika folk songs from Greece and traditional music from Turkey,  Arabia and Persia on Thursday, October 25, 2007 at 7pm at the Library.
Performer Nikos Dimitriadis will play guitar and oud, a traditional stringed instrument similar to a lute. Nikos began his study of the oud more than ten years ago, after playing guitar for many years.  He shares the magic of this instrument internationally  through educational programs and concerts  and has recently begun a tour of the United States.
Nikos will be accompanied by Scott Davidson on dumbec and gaval, both Arabian persussion instruments. The dumbec is an hourglass shaped drum and the gaval is a frame drum.  Davidson notes a local connection - the gaval he will be playing is made by Bellow Falls’ own Cooperman Fife & Drum Co.
Their performance promises to temporarily transport listeners to another time and place, far from the hills of Vermont.


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